Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Mexico?

It’s not a matter of wanting to leave the U.S. as much as it is a desire to live in Mexico. We love the landscape, the culture, the rich history with Msesoamerican sites, the food, the regional variety, and most of all, the people. So, rather than be content with a glimpse at one of the many resorts and beautiful cities a week at a time, once a year, we’ve decided to immerse ourselves in the culture and the language by living here.

It will require some red tape, applications and visits to government agencies, but we’re willing to do what our adopted country requires in order to get this love affair underway.

This is the third time I have driven from Colorado to Cozumel and Jennifer’s second. We’re certainly aware of the trouble surrounding the border area of our countries. But after a close look, we decided driving across the border and making our way south will not be any more dangerous than driving through certain parts of the U.S. So far, that has been the case and we don’t anticipate any changes.

Traveling this way allows us to bring a few more of our personal items, but more importantly, it allows us to see and feel the country in a way that arriving at an international airport doesn’t.

While the starting point for this blog is the beginning of this journey, we’ll also post some favorites from the past. We hope to introduce our readers to new places, restaurants, hotels, and most importantly, the wonders of Mexico.

Visit often, comment as you feel so moved, and check out our web sites when you get the chance. After all, we’re still photographers, still.

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