Monday, October 18, 2010

La Cockteleria Popeye - Cozumel

On one of my earlier visits to Cozumel, I was told about this restaurant. My friend, Steve, said you can't beat the ceviche or shrimp cocktails. He gave me a rough idea of where it was, but I couldn't find it and kept asking, "¿Donde esta restaurante Popeyes?"

Everyone shrugged their shoulders and said, "No se." Rare in a country where helpfulness includes giving you an answer, even if it is less than accurate.

Finally, a local who spoke better English than I spoke Spanish, thought a minute and said, "Oh, you mean Po - PAY - ya." Of course, it wouldn't be pronounced "Pop -eye" in Spanish. He gave us accurate directions, too.

If you haven't had a Mexican shrimp (or fish or octopus) coctel, you are missing a taste treat. A tall glass is filled with shrimp, then a mildy spicey tomato juice is added. That is usually garnished with some onion, cilantro and an avocado slice. You can add habañero sauce or a squeeze of a juicy lime (and they are always juicy on Cozumel) to your liking.

I love the ceviche here, the seafood is always fresh, and they make the coctels and the ceviche to order. The flavors are always crisp and fresh.

The coctels and ceviche are served with home made chips and saltines, the limonadas are huge and good and the beer is cold. In addition, they have fresh fish and lobster, if you're really hungry. The sides of bagged frozen vegies and white rice won't make you swoon, but the fresh fish is simply prepared and perfectly cooked. Fish and shrimp dishes run about $10 US.

A small coctel and a beer will set you back $8. A perfect lunch.

El Cockteleria Popeye El Marino
Calle 2 North, entre Av 25th y 30th
Cozumel, Mexico

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