Monday, May 9, 2011

The Money Bar

We visited The Money Bar last October when we first moved to the island. Great place for the sunset, happy hour drinks and The Red Eye Band, the best cover band on the island.

We visit often to snorkel around the Dzul-ha reef, or to sit under the palms at the small federal park just north of the bar. The snorkeling is usually good, with two spotted eels that are usually seen around the coral heads. Last week, I saw a southern sting ray with a 6' wingspan in 8' of water, and it was swimming toward shore!

We started the Friday night happy hour habit about two months ago. The restaurant has some terrific items on the menu. I particularly like the ceviche.  However, we go for the happy hour, music, sunset and dancing. Usually in that order.

The band starts around 6:00 and the time for conversation is finished. They rock. The guitar player is the real deal on his Fender Strat, putting his spin on famous licks by Santana and Hendrix. The singer struts like Jim Morrison and usually hits the high notes he shoots for.

Another real plus is that Bohemia beer is on the menu. That is good because (I have said it in this space before and I will say it again), Bohemia is, hands down, Mexico's best tasting beer. And, yes, I would take a free supply for plugging their beer, but, no, it has yet to happen. I won't give up.

Sometimes a pro doesn't want to lug around all of their equipment, so some of these photos were shot with the Hipstamatic App for the iPhone and iTouch. With the right lens and film setting, the photos look like the ones that Mom used to take with the Kodak Brownie.

So, here are a few photos from The Money Bar, Hipstamatic and regular.

On the coastal highway, about 2 miles south of Puerto Maya
Live Music - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Happy Hour:  5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (2 for 1)

See you on Friday!

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