Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Basico and Deseo

You're heading to Playa del Carmen for a couple days at the beach and some serious partying at night. You're not looking for a chill casita away from it all, you want great cocktails, beautiful people, hip accommodations and a bar that pumps up the volume all night long.

You are headed for either Deseo, very hip and chic, or Basico, which utilizes recycled materials for one of the more unusual, industrial hotel designs in Mexico. Both are on Quinta, right in the middle of the PdC action.

Deseo doesn't have a restaurant, but Basico makes up for that with terrific breakfasts, fresh fruits, great rellenos.

The rooftop pool at Deseo is next to the terrace bar, which is full of beach beds. Old movies play after dark on the side of a large wall.

Basico's terrace is a bit higher above Quinta and the pools are made from old oil drums. Very recycled. The rooms also have an cool, industrial feel. But, the beds at both places are sooooo comfortable.

Just don't plan on going to sleep before midnight. Or 2:00 am?

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