Monday, June 13, 2011

Kayak Photo tips

Sunday morning, calm winds, and cochinita tacos in our tummies from a weekend-only taco spot. If you want the location, you'll have to go on a tour with Emily from Cozumel Chef. We have been sworn to secrecy.

A perfect time to visit the north lagoon with a SOT (sit on top) kayak. I was hoping to chase a couple of crocs, but we didn't see any.

For solitude and easier paddling, we think it's a good idea to go early. The beach on the west side of Isla de Pasion is usually deserted until around noon, when it becomes popular with island families who own boats. Plus, paddling across open water will be lots easier before a stiff breeze comes up.

For photographers, there a few things to remember:

1) Keep the camera in a drybag or Pelican case if it isn't waterproof. With a SOT kayak, drips and splashes are unavoidable. Secure the bag or case to the boat in case of a rollover. Have a small towel to dry your hands before pulling the camera out.

2) Watch your horizon lines when shooting from a boat. Avoid putting the horizon in the middle and try to keep it level. You can always fix it later, but try to compose with the sky or the clouds in thirds.

3) Camera shake in a kayak requires a faster shutter speed. Try to use 1/500th of a second or higher.

4) Including a person in your beach and landscape photos will give a sense of scale to your images.

Just because it is called Sit On Top doesn't mean you can't Stand on Top.

We are going to start posting photo tips, in addition to our travel reviews. Check back often.

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  1. Have you tried riding some waves standing up?