Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tamarindo Cozumel

My first visits to Cozumel in the mid 90s found me looking for interesting, small places that I considered bargains. Hotel Pepita, Hotel Aguilar and Tamarindo B&B were a few of the places where I stayed.

My favorite was Tamarindo B&B, with it's smooth edges and perfect blending of architectural details and design. This is definitely not your normal place with rectangular rooms and concrete floors.

Tamarindo B&B was unique then, and it still feels that way today. The design and atmosphere are a little bit Mexican and a little bit Greek Islands. That combination is flavored with a healthy dose of European style. Eliane Godement, originally from France,  has created a place that exudes charm, and is very fairly priced.

She serves an amazing B&B style breakfast on the terrace at her Calle 4 norte location.

There are a couple of rooms, a very cool thatch-roof bungalow and four apartments with kitchenettes.

Her second location, on Calle 19 sur one block east of Melgar, features a bungalow, two apartments and a pool.

We enjoyed photographing such an interesting property with distinctive rooms for her new web site.

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